Friday, February 11, 2011

Molds - CaBezels

Over the years I usually did hand drawn shapes for pendants. Many times I used cookie cutters as well. When the internet got more popular it introduced different places to buy molds and shapes to make pendant designs a lot easier and quicker.

I became an online shopping junkie. I found alot of wonderful websites for the polymer clay crafter. Way too many to name them all.

One day while I was looking for some supplies I came across Shades of Clay.  On it was an instructional video for CaBezel's. I was intrigued. I saw one of the molds and a bunch of ideas started popping into my head for their uses. So I purchased some. My favorite one was the lemon egg cabezel.

I had a blast with it. I sent an email to the lady responsible for making them, Wendy Orlowski, a very sweet person. Her ideas for making these molds was wonderful, and I thought I would let her know. I found them easy to work with, and I believe the potential for them is boundless.

I got the notion to make a brooch with some turquoise I had mixed up.

Then I tried a necklace with the brooch.

 Of course these were just ideas I played with. Next time I will try making the bezel frame a silver color or just stipple some silver gilders paste instead of just leaving it plain black. I will try more with these shapes and the others I purchased as well and see what else I can come up with. Maybe I might come up with more designs.


  1. Your piece is absolutely stunning! My two fav items combined -- faux turquoise and the CaBezels!

  2. That's one of the best faux turquoises I've seen.
    Did you use a recipe from somewhere?