Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beginnings with clay.

I started my journey with polymer clay many years ago (over 20 years) by chance.
It started when my daughters were quite young and I thought I would make them a Victorian dollhouse. I purchased some blueprints through a woodworking magazine and went to work. I worked on it for 6 weeks every chance I got so it would be ready to put under the Christmas tree.

Christmas morning there sat this dollhouse, and I was excited about how they would react. I watched them look it over, touch it, and the first thing I heard was "where are the people?"  Great ! I went through sleep deprivation, almost lost digits due to construction mishaps to get this done and I had forgotten the most important thing, the family to reside in this house.

I lived in a rural community in Arizona at the time, online shopping was not an option because there was none. So a friend of mine was taking a trip to Tucson which was 95 miles from where we lived and she asked if I wanted to go.

The search was on. After finding a few places and the cost to outfit both my daughters with their "people" wishes was a little too much for what I wanted to spend.  I ended up in a hobby shop where this man after listening to what I was in search of handed me a small block of Fimo clay. He did not know if it would sell or not, thought he would give it a try. He told us he had heard it was something doll makers used. It was supposed to be sturdy and would last a long time. I took the Fimo home and went to work.

Mind you, I was raised in a home where I was taught things my mother thought girls should know, sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. so what could be hard about making people. I had taken art in school, did paintings, drawings and was fortunate enough to have some of my art accepted in the Phoenix Civic Art Museum.

Well was I ever wrong. Human anatomy was never my strong point, these dolls looked like Freddy Kruger. So I rolled up my messes to find that if you rolled a couple of colors together and made them into little round different shaped balls they were great looking beads. So the journey began...............

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