Thursday, September 8, 2011


One thing I find to be frustrating to me is picking the right findings for different pieces. Its not that they are not out there, I just feel the need to be different. One of my problems are bailes. I feel bailes say alot to the finished piece. I feel that the perfect baile can take a simple piece and can make it look quite different. So I found myself trying to use something else for bailes. I found some metal charms I had in my stash of stuff and wondered how it would turn out if I incorporated it into a baile for a pendant I had finished. It sure gave it a different look. It also gave me an outlet for using up all those charms I have a problem passing up whenever I go shopping. Granted not all charms will be a useful or attractive baile but each piece will definitely look much different when the right charm can be utilized. I may have a use for all my small skeleton key charms I have collected. Now the task of finding the right pendant, or some other piece of jewelry to make it fit on.
Need to get back to work, because this is our busy time for our area as well as the holidays will soon  be upon us before we know it.

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