Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, I was able to get a few things in, not as much as I would have liked. Still dealing with family crisis and
as I mentioned before it is somewhat taking a toll on my creativity as well as my energy level.
Started to get my daughters more involved with clay. They are so excited and so am I. Right now they are at a standstill with employment. They have been laid off and its a little difficult to find work. I encouraged them now that they have time on their hands between job hunting to learn more about clay. Hope I can put some of their stuff to show maybe we can make it a family thing.

Any Who, I was playing with a pendant design the other day and was looking for something and come across a Bedazzler someone had given me for a gift. Remember them? You could put studs and rhinestones on your levi's, denim jackets, etc. So a faint light went off in my head (remember I am tired) and decided that I should put it to use since it was just laying in its box never been touched. I decided to use it as part of the design in a pendant.

I think it looks okay. Made a mokume gane on one side and of course I am into stripe mode right now, so of course I added some stripes to set it apart. They are fairly easy if you set them in before baking, take them out bake the pendant and put them back in with some of Donna Kato's glue and they stay quite well. The prongs on the back leave reference points in the clay, so after baking you can press them back in. Of course when initially setting them in the raw clay don't push the stud setter too hard because you will flatten the prongs on the back and the stud setter leaves a large imprint in the raw clay. All in all I think it worked okay. Will try to play with more that came with my kit.

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